Sunday, February 28, 2010



A cohesive and resilient society with responsible citizens.

To nurture a community of learners who believe in Singapore and understand what matters to Singapore.


(1) Nurture a community of learners who have a sense of belonging and pride to theschool (their identity as SST students)

(2) Create challenging and fulfilling experiences in promoting citizenship education and cross cultural understanding (through systemic structures and platforms put in place school-wide)

(3) Develop world-ready and future-looking student ambassadors to represent SST and Singapore

(4) Raise the national consciousness of the SST student community (as we forge ahead to become a globally connected institution)

  1. Looking at the broad school goals for NE committee and the profile of your class, work in your class groups, how your NE committee envisions to work together with the class to achieve the NE goals for the school.
  2. Create an NE blog in your class's blog to write and share your NE committee's vision for the class.
  3. Knowing how your NE committee wishes to work together with the class to achieve the NE goals, determine the roles and responsibilities of the members in your NE committee and list them down in the NE blog that your committee has just created.

National Day Celebration 2010 - Theme: "Live our dreams, Fly our flag".
  1. Propose 2 ways to celebrate National Education together. The way to celebrate should let students understand the significance of the theme and to let students (citizens or non-citizens) respect the sovereignty of Singapore.
  2. If recognition for student ambassadors of NE committee should be done on that day, what forms of recognition does your NE committee think are most appealing to students and appropriate for the occasion? Post your suggestions in the comment box, with your name and class written clearly in the comment.
  3. If one competition should be held during the celebration, what kind of competition should we create that promotes the theme while letting students showcase their talents?

Racial Harmony Day Celebration 2010 - Theme: "Our Inter-connected World"
  1. Propose 2 ways to celebrate Racial Harmony Day that helps students appreciate and demonstrate their understanding of the theme.
  2. Suggest 1 way how the day can be celebrated with the Youth Olympic Games to demonstrate the theme.
  3. Suggest 1 way how this can also be done during the Character Education and Advisory Period that lead to the climax of the celebration on the actual day.

In your NE blog that you have just created for your class, put up the pictures in the Character Education/ National Education site here given to you and post a blog on the celebration of Chinese New Year celebration in 2010. This will be your first NE publication to your class! Complete this by end of the day and email the link of the blog to your NE teachers.